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Bomb Scare '99: a soap-rock opera of sorts

Side A
Artist Song
Paul Simon  The Boy in the Bubble 
The Police  Bombs Away 
The Clash  Spanish Bombs 
Operation Ivy  Bombshell 
REM  The Wake-Up Bomb 
Rage Against the Machine  Bombtrack 
Rancid  Time Bomb 
Pearl Jam  Once 
Blur  Chinese Bombs 
Sebadoh  The Mystery Man 
The Who  Who Are You? 
Mazzy Star  Bells Ring 
Procol Harum  Power Failure 
Donovan  Oh Gosh 
Side B
Culture Club  Do You Really Want to Hurt Me? 
The 3-D's  Man on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown 
The Smiths  Panic 
The Beach Boys  Don't Worry Baby 
Drivin' and Cryin'  Lost in the Shuffle 
The Smiths  Stretch Out and Wait 
The Beach Boys  The Warmth of the Sun 
Please  Here It Comes Again 
The Who  I've Had Enough 
Elvis Costello  Peace, Love and Understanding 
Operation Ivy  Unity 
Plastic Ono Band  Give Peace a Chance 
The Who  Won't Get Fooled Again 


Again, this is a tape i just uncovered that i made awhile ago in high-school around the time of all of those bombscares. the first part of the tape is comprised of 'bomb' songs and then it proceeds to tell the story of the following days...
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