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One Day I'll Wake to a Knife in Me

Artist Song
The Postal Service  The District Sleeps Alone Tonight 
The Sea and Cake  Tea and Cake (mix by Stereolab) 
Hood  You Show No Emotion At All 
Harper Lee  Brooklyn Bridge 
Lemonade Sweetheart 
All Transistor  Too Much Blood 
Hem  When I Was Drinking 
Crooked Fingers  When You Were Mine 
Knife in the Water  Norma 
Slobberbone  Josephine 
Bright Eyes  Padraic my Prince 
Hood  It's been a long time since I was last here 
Red House Painters  Medicine Bottle 
Carissa's Wierd  The Ghost of a Dead Hummingbird Flying Around the Room 
Dirty Three  No Stranger Than That 


1 of 2 Mixes in exchange for Zim discs! basically it starts out rather upbeat then goes down some really eery unhappy road somewhere which leads to tracks 9-15 which just go on in one sad loop. the coverart? hell if I know - it looks like an optical illusion involving a goblet type glass which almost looks like a shard of glass is flying into it; I found it when searching random photography, so there ya go.
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nick isom
Date: 5/10/2003
this is great. i think the sad part starts at #8. i think that song is pretty sad.
Date: 5/10/2003
Yeah, I s'pose, but really if I counted all the songs that are even semi-sad, it would start at #5 since that one is about breakups, too. #9 starts with destructive behaviour (drowning in a pond) and the rest of them -even if not particularly destructive; just depressing- have a dying tone. anyway, I guess it doesn't matter much - I basically talk out of my ass on the description to bring some meaning to my randomness; the sad loop can start wherever you want it to start :D