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some twisted dance

Artist Song
the velvet underground  sunday morning 
r.e.m.  new orleans instrumental no. 1 
thea gilmore  holding your hand 
elliot smith  needle in the hay 
goblin  suspiria (celesta and bells) 
bright eyes  nothing gets crossed out 
aphex twin  girl/boy song 
the vines  homesick 
michael andrews  gretchen ross 
king black acid  one and only 
vince guaraldi trio  christmas time is here 
schpeilanga  discontentment 
jj72  wounded 
nine inch nails  a warm place 
queen adreena  my silent undoing 
ooberman  the magic treehouse 
bj├Ěrk  like someone in love 
erik satie  gnossienne no. 4 
gary jules  mad world 
ennio morricone  falls 
angelica  bring back her head 
radiohead  let down 
death cab for cute  a movie script ending 
the smashing pumpkins  17 
sonic youth  little trouble girl 


there's quite a few film things here which i didn't even realise until just now... ehm that's kinda stupid, isn't it? still it sounds good...
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Date: 5/13/2003
this is friggin beautiful and if i could i'd make it mix of the week. absolutely lovely.
Date: 5/13/2003
Very nice mix. I've been seeing Sunday Morning on alot of mixes lately, but I'm not sick of it yet. I lie the little classical and jazz bits, scattered in here. Well done.
nick isom
Date: 5/13/2003
this is really good.
Date: 5/14/2003
i like the mix. good choice in the rem track, the radiohead track, and the donnie darko references. kudos on a good mix.
Date: 5/14/2003
this mix is beautiful, id love to do some trading with you!