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Artist Song
The Dears  Where the World Begins and Ends 
Chicago Underground Duo  Not Quite Dark and the Stars Shining Above the Withered Fields 
Euphone  Red, Blue, Yellow 
Set Fire to Flames  Fading Lights are Fading 
Fibreforms  Gryphons 
Cul de Sac  Flying Music from Faust 
Spokane  The Absentee 
Brokeback  Another Routine Day Breaks 
Ryan Sawatzky  Northern Love Song, Part Two 
Do Make Say Think  White Light Of... 
American Analog Set  I Must Soon Quit the Scene 
Dirty Three  I really should Have Gone Out Last Night 
Mogwai  Two Rights Make One Wrong 


The second part of the three parter. All but two tracks are instrumental; going for the soundtrack to contemplation with this one, no words, 'reader response' etc. Stylistically all over the map, from rock instru's to avant jazz and organic ambient. Even pasted the flourish of a Sigur Ros song onto the end of the Mogwai. I like the self-contained progression... All tracks are burned as one long track.


Date: 10/27/2003
wonderful, quite honestly one of the best i've seen here. cheers.