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"Don't Be Scurred"

Artist Song
Ultimate Fakebook  I'm All Out of it Now 
Saves the Day  See You 
Sugarcult  Stuck In America 
The Fuzz  Noise Destroyers 
Phantom Planet  California 
Until Sunday  California Dream 
New Found Glory  Ballad for the Lost Romantics 
Lucky Boys Confusion  Breaking Rules 
The Reputation  The Stars of Amateur Hour  
The Early November  I Want to Hear You Sad 
Finch  Three Simple Words 
The Ataris  In This Diary 
The Refreshments  Banditos 
Venkman  Extra Ordinary 
Joyride  Impure 


Okay there's a story behind this mix...

I made it the day before I found out my results for foundation review (where basically I was told whether or not I could stay in the art program at school). I was at my boyfriend's for the weekend to just get away... and I needed a mix to sing along to on the ride to pick up my portfolio... something that would make me feel better.

Oh, and the title... that's what my roommate said to me on my way out the door to find out my results.

***I didn't make it in; but at least I have a cool mix out of the experience?***


Date: 7/19/2003

venkman are the bees knees. you have to be from michigan.