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I'm the Leonard Cohen of My Generation

Side A
Artist Song
4 Non Blondes  What's Up  
Violent Femmes  Out the Window  
Sleater  Kinney 
Sure Shot  Veruca Salt 
(I Don't Want To Go  Black Crowes 
Brim Full of Asha  Squeeze 
You Make Me Feel Lik  Smithereens 
New Bomb Turks  Veronica Lake  
Foo Fighters  I'll Stick Around  
Liz Phair  Whip Smart 
Bus to Beelzebub  Starling 
Young Fresh Fellows  Young Fresh Fellows 
Sloan  Underwhelmed  
Side B
Refreshments  Banditos  
Smashmouth  Walking on the Sun 
Words and Guitar  Beastie Boys 
Volcano Girls  Elvis Costello 
Hard to Handle  Cornershop 
Tempted  Everclear 
Crazy Mixed  Up Kid 
They Might be Giants  The Statue Got Me Hi 
Social Distortion  Under My Thumb  
Pixies  Gigantic Soul Coughi 
Delusional Breeders  New Year 


The cover has a picture of Money Mark looking like Leonard Cohen...