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oh god, what have i done?

Artist Song
foo fighters  times like these 
iron and wine  promising light 
travis  safe 
bright eyes  false advertising 
radiohead  wish you were here 
jason mraz  absolutely zero 
cursive  the recluse 
michael nesmith  grand ennui 
the postal service  there's never enough time 
led zeppelin  the rain song 
neko case  i wish i was the moon 
george harrison  run of the mill 
cat power  to be a good woman 
ben folds five  evaporated 
elvis costello  that day is done 


working three day weekends, not going to prom, losing my friends to graduation.. this is my life as of recent days. i needed something to cope.


Date: 5/19/2003
Some great picks on here. First-rate Radiohead, and love "Evaporated".

Date: 5/19/2003
I love any mix that has The Postal Service on it...and then you make even better by adding Cursive.