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Austerlitzes and Marengos

Side A
Artist Song
Fugazi  Strangelight 
Wilco  In a Future Age 
Kenny D  Woman of My Dreams 
Cows  Baby Love 
Nation of Ulysses  Presidents of Vice 
Brutal Juice  The Vaginals 
Husker Du  Powerline 
My Bloody Valentine  I Only Said 
the Clash  Clampdown 
Fold Zandura  Slumbersix 
Zumpano  I Dig You 
the Beatles  If I Needed Someone 
Sebadoh  Violet Execution 
the Stone Roses  Elizabeth My Dear 
Side B
Richard Dyer-Bennet  Westryn Wynds 
Nick Drake  Three Hours 
Marianne Faithfull  Lady Madelaine 
Bob Dylan  If You See Her, Say Hello 
the Curse of Blefuscu  The Yuaca Toad 
the Mountain Goats  Raja Vocative 
Luxury  Stories Above the Sea 
Miles Davis  Blue in Green 
the Notwist  Propeller 9 
Tortoise  Six Pack 
Manitoba  Every Time She Turns Round It's Her Birthday 
Chris Butler  ' announcer' 


The First Half. In which a warning is proclaimed regarding getting too cocky.

The Second Half. In which the "day" is almost "lost" to regret and reducibility, but extrapersonal wonders win out.

some of the usual suspects appear. it felt good to waste a few hours in making an old-fashioned 90-minute mixtape. Kenny D is a single-A Roy Orbison-styled crooner, not a misliterated lite-jazz troubadour. Mr. D, whose presence lit up the compliation CD I found in the KANM reject bin, almost qualifies as outsider music judging by the shoestring production and the simplicity of feeling.

or i'm a snob.


Date: 5/18/2003
creative mix, like it
Ronny DDD
Date: 5/23/2003
Mr. Jeremy Meece
Date: 7/12/2003
coool, bradifer, we hang good pac, eft a of seats
Date: 7/12/2003
jigga what?