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Cassette | Theme

The Soundtrack to a Movie of My Life - Tape 1

Side A
Artist Song
Rufus Wainwright  Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk 
The Donnas  My Bad Reputation 
Edie Brickel and the New Bohemians  What I Am 
Blind Mellon  No Rain 
Pulp  Common People 
The Cure  Friday I'm In Love 
The Rolling Stones  Let's Spend the Night Together 
Ani Difranco  Shy 
Nine Inch Nails  Closer 
U2  Stuck in a Moment and You Can't Get Out of It 
Side B
Pulp  Like a Friend 
Counting Crows  Colorblind 
They Might Be Giants  Don't Let's Start 
Bob Dylan  You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go 
Eva Cassidy  Autumn Leaves 
Bright Eyes  Bowl of Oranges 
Suzanne Vega  In Liverpool 
Jack Off Jill  Lovesong 
The Smiths  Asleep 
Blondie  One Way or Another 
Gary Jules  Mad World 
Belle and Sebastian  Get Me Away From Here I'm Dying 
The Guess Who  She's Come Undone 


A 'quiz' I saw on a friend's online journal was this 'fill out the soundtrack of your life for the following scenes' quiz. The examples of times they found appropriate for songs were things like "deep thought scene" so I wrote my own. This is going to be a two tape set. The songs have the following significance.
Side A
1: Opening Credits
2: Waking Up Scene
3: Average Day Scene
4: Best Friend Scene
5: First Date
6: Falling in Love Scene
7: Love Scene
8: Sex Scene
9: Fooling Around in a Club Scene
10: Summer Scene
Side B
1: Cheating on a Boyfriend Scene

2: Guilt Scene
3: Fight With Friend Scene
4: Break Up Scene
5: Post Break up Mourning Scene:
6: `Life's Okay' Scene
7: Fall Scene
8: Heartbreak Scene
9: Suicide Attempt
10: Driving With Friends
11: Smoking in the Rain Scene
12: Winter Scene
13: Fixing What Was Broken

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Date: 10/25/2003
very nice - i love that Bob Dylan song