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the story of when emo met Jesus and a lovely lady

Artist Song
mojave 3  in love with a view 
the lyndsay diaries  a self portrait 
twothirtyeight  rhythym and blues 
the band  it makes no difference 
the smiths  please please please let me get what i want 
denison witmer  the 80s 
bright eyes  sunrise sunset 
sunny day real estate  song about an angel 
lemonheads  into your arms (acoustic) 
onelinedrawing  better than this 
ben kweller  falling 
longwave  best kept secret 
copeland  there cannot be a close second 


tell me if you can find the transition


Date: 5/18/2003
no i cannot but that's okay because i am staring blankly at the computer screen.
Pukka Tukka R-o-c-k-s
Date: 5/18/2003
when i think of emo, i think of sunny day real estate, thats about it. when i think of jesus, i think of forgetting my shoes on the zipper at the state fair. and when i think of denison witmer, i get wet. good call, sir.