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CD | Dance - Hardcore
CD | Dance - Hardcore
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CD | Theme

Harder Than the Hardest

Artist Song
59 Times The Pain  Burned 
Adnesive  Bubble Burst 
Turning Point   Before The Dawn 
Time Flies  Play the Fool 
Sworn Enemy  New Breed 
Rise Against  Generation Lost 
Ringworm  Self-Destruct 
Strife  Blistered 
Diecast  Peacemaker 
Not Waving But Drowning  Somewhere Away 
Fastbreak  Why I'm Calling 
StraightFaced  Conditioned 
All Out Wat  Fall From Grace 
Turmoil  Anchor 
Bodyjar  Hazy Shade of Winter 
Thrice  Unquestioned Answers 
The First Step  The First Step 
Small Brown Bike  In Tune 
Good Riddance  Fertile Fields 
Refused  Coup D'Etat 
No Warning  Deal With It 
In My Eyes  Can't Live Through It 
Darkest Hour  An Epitaph 
Cigar  Two Cigars 


Some Hardcore punk I like....
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Date: 5/19/2003
wow - props for a genuinely hardcore mix
Date: 5/19/2003
suching a fitting cover! if wolverine ain't hardcore, no one is!
Professor Poserlad
Date: 5/19/2003
yeah, he did a good job of killing those US government employees who were using non lethal force to detain threats to mankind's existence.
Date: 5/20/2003
thanks for the first two comments. The last one, umm if your talking about the movie, you must have only watched the first 10 minutes, "treats to mankind's extisence" seems a bit much don't you think? This mirror's would could have happened to be people of Islamic faith after 9/11, or did you miss that part? The reason the x-men were created (as a comic book), was to show how drastic and ridiculous things such as racism and sexism were in the 60's, and for the most part it does a good job. One last point before i get inducted into the geek hall of fame (LOL). In the movie, "those US government employees who were using non lethal force to detain threats to mankind's existence" were intent on using a mutant (professor X) to kill every mutant on the earth, if geneocide ain't lethal you must be the US president.