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Endless Summer

Artist Song
Travoltas  Endless Summer 
The Strokes  Someday 
Harvey Danger  Flagpole Sitta 
Sublime  Smoke Two Joints 
Goldfinger  Superman 
The Presidents Of The United States Of America  Naked And Famous 
Radiohead  Anyone Can Play Guitar 
Action Figure Party  Where's the Moment 
Goon Show  Teddy Bears' Picnic 
Fountains of Wayne  It Must Be Summer 
Van Morrison  Gloria 
Deep Purple  Fireball 
Cake  Pretty Pink Ribbon 
Ben Folds Five  Battle of Who Could Care Less 
Eels  Going to Your Funeral Part I 
REM  Nightswimming 
Fiona Apple  Across the Universe 
Death Cab for Cutie  Technicolor Girls 
Ventures  Theme From The Endless Summer 


An ode to last summer and the friends I spent it with. Songs 3-9 and 11-17 are dedicated to specific guy and girl friends, respectively. The first and last two songs are intro/outro tracks and "It Must Be Summer" divides the mix in half.

Much, much more background with song commentary and partial lyrics in this journal entry. I could post everything here to make myself look good, but if you really felt like looking you would just make with the clicky anyway.

Happy May 19th and have a great summer.
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Date: 5/20/2003
This looks awesome. That Harvey Danger song is great. Ditto the Van Morrison track. The whole thing is cool. The book-ended theme music is kinda heavy-handed for a summer mix, though I'm doing the same thing with some Arrested Development tracks in a pre-summer mix I'm working on now. Anyways, nice work. Out.
Girl Take It Easy
Date: 5/21/2003
wow. I really, REALLY like this. As of late i have fallen in love with that fiona apple cover agian. nice job!