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A Different V.U. (2-cd set)

Side A
Artist Song
Jonathan Richman  Velvet Underground 
The Feelies  What Goes On 
Nirvana  Here She Comes Now 
Bettie Serveert  Beginning To See The Light 
Big Star  Femme Fatale 
Buffalo Tom  All Tomorrow's Parties 
David Bowie  White Light/White Heat 
Echo & The Bunnymen  Run Run Run 
Luna  Ride Into The Sun 
R.E.M.  There She Goes Again 
Mott The Hoople  Sweet Jane 
Teenage Fanclub  Who Loves The Sun 
Phish  Rock & Roll 
The Primitives  I'll Be Your Mirror 
Yo La Tengo  It's Alright (The Way That You Live) 
Joy Division  Sister Ray 
Side B
Motorcycle Boy  Run Run Run 
Teenage Fanclub  Femme Fatale 
David Bowie  I'm Waiting For The Man 
Secret Square  Candy Says 
Chapter House  Lady Godiva's Operation 
Bettie Serveert  Stephanie Says 
Galaxie 500  Here She Comes Now 
Jazz Butcher  Sweet Jane 
Yo La Tengo  I Found A Reason 
James  Sunday Morning 
Echo & The Bunnymen  Heroin 
R.E.M.  Pale Blue Eyes 
The Soft Boys  Train Round The Bend 
Rainy Day  I'll Be Your Mirror 
Phish  Cool It Down 
The Feelies  White Light/White Heat 
Yo La Tengo  I'm Set Free 
Pansy Division  Femme Fatale 
Modern Lovers  Foggy Notion 
Bettie Serveert  After Hours 


A 2-cd collection of Velvet Underground covers, a mandatory part of every hip band's repertoire (alongside the obligatory Big Star, Stooges, Neil Young, and/or Wire covers). A fair amount of duplication (though perhaps a bit less than on my comparable Big Star and Neil Young tributes); I've got nearly as many versions of "Femme Fatale" in my collection as I do covers of "Thirteen" (at least Pansy Division takes a bit of creative license by changing genders). A few of these come from the out-of-print Heaven & Hell VU tribute (domestic version); I'd kill for a copy of the import version (a.k.a. Fifteen Minutes) and the more recent (but also out-of-print) Rabid Chords VU tribute.
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Date: 5/20/2003
Absolutely lovely.
Date: 5/20/2003
P.S.: There is a stunning cover of "All Tomorrow's Parties" out there by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds on Kicking Against The Pricks--their covers album. Good stuff.
p the swede
Date: 5/20/2003
a exemplary addiction to your big star tribute
Sean Lally
Date: 5/20/2003
Are there any tunes here you like as much as (or more than) the originals? The Feelies cover is great. As is Galaxie 500's and Rainy Day's.
popkulcher (Marc Fagel)
Date: 5/20/2003
I don't know if there are any striking improvements (or re-workings). The Feelies' take on "White Light/White Heat" is nice because it's bright and driving whereas the original was too muddy; Motorcycle Boy (no, haven't a clue who they are, they just showed up on a compilation) add a nice Jesus & Mary Chain-type beat to "Run Run Run"; and Pansy Division's "Femme Fatale" is kinda fun (though really just changing "she" to "he"). I actually think Phish did an excellent run through the Loaded album, my least favorite VU album and the one most benefitted by some relaxed jamming; their take on "Sweet Jane" is particularly rousing, though I omitted it here to minimize duplication.
Date: 5/21/2003
Outstanding work once again chief. You obviously know your stuff. The Motorcycle Boy (not to be confused with the LA punk band) were an offshoot of the fabulous Shop Assistants. They recorded several singles and an unreleased album before calling it quits.
Date: 7/21/2003
you should definitely here cat power's i found a reason