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Cassette | Theme - Break Up
CD | Theme - Narrative
CD | Theme - Narrative

From Beginning to End in One Word

Artist Song
TLC  Creep 
No Doubt   Running 
Crucial Conflict  Hay 
John Waite   Change 
Curtis Mayfield  Superfly 
James Brown  Superbad 
General Public  Tenderness 
Jesse Powell  You 
Jimmy Eat World  Sweetness 
Lifehouse  Breathing 
Nine Inch Nails  Closer 
Sponge  Plowed 
Cracker  Low 
Incubus  Drive 
Three Doors Down  Loser 
Counting Crows  Colorblind 
Brian McKnight  Anytime 
Matchbox Twenty  Unwell 
Jagged Edge  Goodbye 
Christina Aguilera  Fighter 
Aerosmith   Jaded 


well ok so this take us from the beginning when she was cheating on her loser boyfriend with me (Creep) to now when she is marrying what used to be known as my best friend (Jaded and Figher)...the songs follow the pattern of our relationship...very light at the beginning...then just some general fun times in the middle mixed with some serious emotion and some serious love... then ending in questions, self doubt and eventually a better me for having gone through all that is her


Date: 5/22/2003
I absolutely LOVE this mix...Great job...it's almost like I went through the relationship with you. I have a similar mix "Good-Bye Mix"--Check it out! Well Done!

P.S. If you are willing to, I would love to trade sometime!