blurry vision

Artist Song
modest mouse  make everyone happy - mechanical birds 
led zeppelin  what is and what never should be 
weezer  suzanne 
juliana theory  goodnight, starlight 
ataris  unopened letter to the world 
cure  friday i'm in love 
bright eyes  sunrise, sunset 
frente!  not given lightly 
weakerthans  sounds familiar 
modest mouse  talking shit about a pretty sunset 
weezer  say it ain't so 
juliana theory  this is not a love song 
ataris  between you and me 
cure  boys don't cry 
bright eyes  method acting 
beth orton  live as you dream 
frente!   labour of love 
weakerthans  leash 
belle and sebastian  she's losing it 
flaming lips  the observer 
air  all i need 


don't you hate it when everyone's in love but you?
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Date: 5/24/2003
it's the fucking worst-after getting burnt twice by the guy you love-and then falling in love with him again. good mix by the way
Date: 5/26/2003