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Artist Song
McVaffe  SMB2: Underground Riddims 
Joey Parsell  Golgo 13: Memblers Remix 
Anonymous?  Megaman: Gemini Man Salsa 
Tamimi  Silent Hill: Nay Tomorrow 
McVaffe  Yoshi's Island: Yoshi's Rag 
McVaffe  Tetris: Tetris Ultimix 
Brad Smith  SMB1: Aquatic Interlude 
Trace Kyshad  Ecco the Dolphin: Broken Machine 
AmIEvil  Monkey Island: AmIEvil Remix 
Instant Remedy  Ghosts 'N' Goblins: Instant Remix 
Bart Klepka  Dune: Arrakis Wormsign 
Mazedude  Kid Icarus: Funky Dungeon 
Insomnic  SMB2: Remix 
AmIEvil  The 7th Guest: Remix 
The Minibosses  Metroid: Kraid 
Brian Duque  Final Fantasy: Battle Theme 
Shael Riley  Zelda: The Music of My Groin 
Estradasphere  SMB2: Super Buck Jazz 
Daknit, Bard of Tarot  Kid Icarus: Little Kids Can't Fly 
Gux  Little Nemo: Little Nemo for Strings  Zelda 2: Thelonius Temple 
DJ Carbunkle  Luigi's Mansion: That Balcony Thing 
The Minibosses  Ghosts 'N' Goblins: Remix 
Nine Inch Nails  SMB: Closer 


All these songs were swiped from, a fine site for do-it-yourself video game remixes. These were the songs that spun my own particular beanie. The mix is definitely biased by nostalgia for my NES-playing childhood, but some of 'em were worthy enough in themselves to earn my approval even though I've never played the games they were based on. I'm still waiting for a decent Wizards and Warriors remix, though. Maybe if I find one someday I'll make a second volume.
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Date: 5/27/2003
Overclocked is AWESOME. Glad to see it getting some love. ^_^