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A Reflection of Self

Artist Song
Paula Cole  Me 
Natalie Merchant  My Skin 
Martina Sorbara  Funny Face 
TLC  Damaged 
Avril Lavigne  Why 
Christina Aguilera  Fighter  
Emm Gryner  Idaho 
Evanescence  Bring Me To Life 
Holly McNarland  Losing My Face 
Kristen Barrons   Ain't Got Love 
Avril Lavigne  Get Over It 
Sarah McLachlan  Wait 
Tracy Chapman  Talking 'Bout A Revolution 
Alanis Morrisettee  You Owe Me Nothing In Return 
Wendy Matthews  The Day You Went Away 
Ani DiFranco  32 Flavors 
Avril Lavigne   Falling Down 
Lasgo  Alone 


Just a cd I burned yesterday...I like to make a lot of "girls only" cds; just girl artists. This one is made up of songs that reflect my inner self; hence the title. All of the song lyrics show a different side of myself, especially the first song.
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Date: 6/10/2003
Thanks for checking my mix out! nice natalie merchant and tracy chapman picks! you should check out Edie Brickell - What i am.. you might like that song