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Cassette | Blues - Classic Blues
Cassette | Blues - Classic Blues

Northern Soul II

Side A
Artist Song
Gene Chandler  There Was a Time  
Gloria Jones  Tainted Love  
Connie Clark  My Sugar Baby  
Jackie Wilson  I've Lost You  
The Flirtations  Nothing But a Heartache  
The Olympics   We Go Together 
The Performers  I Can't Stop You  
The Falcons  Good Good Feeling 
Edwin Starr  Agent Double-O-Soul  
The Lovettes  Little Miss Soul  
Marvin Gaye  One More Heartache  
Deon Jackson  That's What You Do To Me  
The Admirations  I Want to Be Free  
The Del-Satins  Baby You're the Fire 
Tony Clarke  Landslide  
Sandy Wynns  A Touch of Venus 
Side B
Richard Temple  That Beatin' Rhythm  
Just Bros.  Sliced Tomatos 
Darrow Fletcher  What Good Am I Without You 
Stevie Wonder  Nothing's Too Good For My Baby  
Bessie Jones  No More Tears 
Bobby Patterson & the Mustangs  Don't Be So Mean 
Jimmy Bee  Wanting You 
The Isley Brothers  Why When Love is Gone  
Billy Butler  The Right Track  
Mary Love  Lay This Burden Down 
Kim Weston  Take Me In Your Arms  
Sam & Kitty   I've Got Something Good  
Jimmy Mack  My World is on Fire  
George Blackwell  Can't Lose My Mind 
Juanita Williams  Baby Boy  
The Epitome of Sound  You Don't Love Me 
The Volcanos  Storm Warning 
The Ivorys  Please Stay 


This second installment is a lot stronger than the first, in my opinion. Less populist stuff, but some familiar sounds nonetheless. Side A starts off with a funny sample from the beginning of an obscure funk track, however it blended perfectly with the Gene Chandler song, which gets you on the floor in sdeconds flat. All movers and floorshakers on this one. Wear comfortable shoes and break out the talc for the floor.