this is why i lie when i say i don't love you; this is why i cry when i say i don't need you.

Side A
Artist Song
death cab for cutie  blacking out the friction 
beat happening  honeypot 
white stripes  we're going to be friends 
clinic  distortions 
quasi  i never want to see you again 
dntel feat. ben gibbard  (this is) the dream of evan and chan 
the impossibles  connecticut 
sonic youth  karen, revisited 
yo la tengo  autumn sweater 
velvet underground  after hours 
wilco  i am trying to break your heart 
beat happening  the fall 
modest mouse  perfect disguise 
Side B
the shins  girl inform me 
death cab for cutie  company calls epilogue 
silver jews  advice to the graduate 
kings of convenience  i don't know what i can save you from (royksopp remix) 
beat happening  don't mix the colors 
built to spill  kicked it in the sun 
the shins  the weird divide 
sebadoh  magnet's coil 
pavement  loretta's scars 
radiohead  karma police 
belle and sebastian  chickfactor 
magnetic fields  nothing matters when we're dancing 
superchunk  driveway to driveway 


i don't like the title but i've been thinking in those terms for days.


nick isom
Date: 5/29/2003
Frannie, this is fantastic. all of your mixes amaze me. i love every single song on here.
Date: 5/29/2003
honeypot i like this a lot, honeypot except for a couple of songs
Date: 5/29/2003
Fantacular. This is the single best mix I've seen on this site in a long,long while. I think you and I would have alot to talk about. Its has a real melonchaly sound about it, yet a bitter sweet happiness about it. I've been you and i've been the other. Im the other right now. Anyway I love your mix. Email me or something

Date: 5/29/2003
good woman by cat power should be on here with that title
Date: 6/10/2003
This mix is delightful! I love the death cab picks, and the velvet underground, wilco, modest mouse, and belle and sebastian picks. I especially adore karma police by radiohead!