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cover cover

Artist Song
zumpano  rosecrans boulevard ( jimmy webb ) 
the sneetches  caroline goodbye ( colin blunstone ) 
the boo radleys  alone again or ( love ) 
galaxie 500  cheese & onions ( the rutles ) 
black tambourine  can't explain ( love ) 
henry's dress   get yourself together ( the small faces ) 
the hung ups  eight miles high ( the byrds ) 
codeine  two faced man ( suicide ) 
flaming lips  life on mars ( david bowie ) 
pavement  killing moon ( echo & the bunnymen ) 
the magnetic fields  i die you die ( gary newman ) 
yo la tengo  by the time it gets dark ( sandy denny ) 
sebadoh  pink moon ( nick drake ) 
guided by voices  draw(in)g to a (w)hole ( clean ) 
seaweed  foggy eyes ( beat happening ) 
elf power  noble experiment ( thinking fellers union local 282 ) 
lambchop  king of nothing ever ( east river pipe ) 
tindersticks   here ( pavement ) 
the ropers  jumping someone eles's train ( the cure ) 
youth brigade  what she said ( the smiths ) 
leatherface  melody lee ( the damned ) 
groovie ghoulies  a new england ( billy bragg ) 
feelings  born to run ( bruce springsteen ) 
teenage funclub  don't cry no tears ( neil young ) 
nothing  gleemer ( guided by voices ) 
ash  what deaner was talking about ( ween ) 
jonny polonsky  in bloom ( nirvana ) 


these cover songs to make me happy! yeah!


Date: 5/29/2003
Awesome. I had no idea the Groovie Ghoulies had done a cover of "A New England." I have new respect. And that Hang Ups cover gets double points since it's a cover of Husker Du's cover. I wish it had my all-time favorite cover on here (The Minutemen's version of "Doctor Wu"), but this is pretty sweet.
Date: 5/29/2003
cool bands! I got some covers to check into... check out my cover cds too!
Date: 5/29/2003
Some excellent selections! The Boos, GBV (I've only heard the original version), Galaxie 500 and Black Tambourine to name a few.
La La
Date: 5/31/2003
awesome. i am going to steal some of these.