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i like boys.

Artist Song
brian eno  mother whale eyeless 
manitoba  bijoux 
archer prewitt  raise on high 
grant lee buffalo  the whole shebang 
tom verlaine  breakin my heart 
jacques dutronc  l'arsene 
john frusciante  murderers 
gonzales  gringo star 
jean jacques perrey  e.v.a 
alex chilton  bangkok 
sport murphy  slay and eat 
neil young  computer age 
ben davis  poised and determined 
tigre benvie  bawling in the beer gardens 
sebadoh  it's so hard to fall in love 
devendra banhart  hey miss cane 
caetano veloso  tropicalia 
tim hardin   it's hard to believe in love for long 
nick drake  parasite 
erik satie  gymnopedies 1 
adam green  what a waster 
scrugg  i wish i was five 
lee hazlewood  the girls in paris 


i don't know if this really counts as a "theme" mix, but i wanted to make a mix of all songs performed by solo male artists. why? why not. maybe next time i will give it to the girls.


Date: 6/2/2003
Looks great Laura Jane. Hope to see a female artist mix to balance this one. Oh yeah, your mix arrived today! Thank you. I'll e-mail you some feedback after a few listens.
Evil Madamoiselle Femphis
Date: 6/16/2003
If you'd like to trade, would be glad to send you the mix you requested.
Date: 7/7/2003
Hey Laura! So when are you going to give it to the girls? A nation awaits.