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to sleep, perchance to dream

Artist Song
Suzanne Vega  Stay Awake 
Innocence Mission  Keeping Awake 
Neil Young  Harvest Moon 
Bob Dylan  Shooting Star 
Lori Carson  Fourth of July 
low  Dark 
Daniel Lanois  Fisherman's Daughter 
hank dogs  Daddy's Arms 
Beth Orton  Tangent 
Laurie Anderson  In Our Sleep (single mix) 
Azure Ray  Sleep 
Kate Bush  And Dream of Sheep 
Moby  Everything is Wrong 
SinTad Lohan  Out of the Woods 
Syd Straw  Golden Dreams 
Paul Pimsler  two twentyone 
Graeme Revell  Don't Go Back to Sleep 
Ida  Dream Date 
Van Morrison  Brand New Day 


This is a concept mix that's also somewhat narrative in nature. It starts with songs about winding down at day's end; segues into songs about sleeping, dreaming, insomnia, nightmares; and ends with songs about waking and greeting a new day.


Joy Olivia
Date: 6/3/2003
What a cool idea... complimented by even cooler songs. Love the Kate Bush track. Nice choice.