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CD | Mixed Genre

singing for satan

Artist Song
Led Zeppelin ... backwards message  "I will sing because I live with Satan . " 
D4 ...   Rocknroll Motherfucker  
Cato Salsa Experience ... So   The Circus Is Back In Town 
The Hives ...   Die All Right! 
Cheap Trick ... backwards message  "You know Satan holds the key to the lock ." 
The Soundtrack Of Our Lives ...   Dow Jones Syndrome 
The (International) Noise Conspiracy ...   Capitolism Stole My Virginity 
Superdrag ...   Some Kind Of Tragedy 
Arlo...   Little American  
The Solarflares ...   State Of Mind  
Queen ... backwards message  "It's Fun to smoke marijuana . "  
The American Flag ...   We've Finally Found Me 
Gomez ...   Shot Shot 
Spoon ...   Jonathan Fisk 
The Waxwings ...   Clouded Over 
Gem ...   When They Pull You Out 
The Get Up Kids ...   Stay Gone 
Led Zeppelin ... backwards message  "My sweet Satan no other made a path ...  
Superchunk ...   Rainy Streets 
Idlewild ...   Stay The Same  
. And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead ...   Relative Ways 
Queens Of The Stone Age ...   No One Knows  
The Gentlemen .   Return To This Fool 
AC/DC . backwards message  "Let me out, Satan!" 
The Mooney Suzuki ...   A Little Bit Of Love 
The Coral .   Dreaming Of You  
The Shins ...   Girl On The Wing 
You Am I .   Ribbons And Bows 
The Bigger Lovers ...   Ivy Grows  
Tom Waits ...   All The World Is Green  


just wanted to put some tunes from some newer releases on a cdr, and mixed it up with the vinyl backwards messages for fun ... and if anyone knows the song the title's from you win a prize


Date: 6/4/2003
Oh my! I like this a lot. Good stuff a-plenty. I don't know where the title's from, but it amuses me greatly.
Geoffrey Holland
Date: 6/5/2003
Kyuss - 800