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CD | Mixed Genre

I'll Always Be Here Disk 2

Artist Song
John Mayer  Not Myself 
Bob Dylan  Shelter From the Storm 
Ani Difranco  Untouchable Face 
Marilyn Manson  Tainted Love 
Incubus  Wish You Were Here 
The Faint  Sex is Personal 
Ozzy Osbourne  I Just Want You 
Oasis & Robbie Williams  Wonderwall 
Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young  Love the One You're With 
Barenaked Ladies  Blame It On Me 
Extreme  More Than Words 
U2  With or Without You 
Guns N Roses  Patience 
Daniel Bettingfield  Gotta Get Through This 
Pretenders  I'll Stand By You 
Beach Boys with John Stamos  Forever 
Bon Jovi  Never Say Goodbye 
Wilco  We're Just Friends 


So ya, this is the second part of this whole mix... like i said before, i tried to get everything... some of the songs exaggerate a bit... but essentially, i think it says what i want. We'll see...............


Date: 6/5/2003
Did I mention we should trade? I did, didn't I? I'll say it again, from the cheap seats, just for shits n' giggles: WE SHOULD TRADE! This is great, even that cheesy Beach boys/John Stamos, Full-House-fodder. But don't tell me I said that- I'll never forgive me. Out.
Date: 6/6/2003
I too am a big fan of this mix. I love that G&R song so freaking much.