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Shoegaze 101: The New Class

Artist Song
the emerald down  caught a wave 
abeautifulmachine  breath in space 
maypole  new snow 
sigurros  svefn-g-englar 
arrogants  costa rica 
catherine wheel  shallow 
cosmiclust  cherry 
slowdive  spanish air 
autumns  the boy with aluminum stilts 
alcian blue  years too late 
cocteau twins  eperdu 
cosmiclust  samsara 
world tipped blue  i dont know what you want from me 
the emerald down  red shift 
cosmiclust  without you 
vaportrail  going under 
loveliescrushing  'mandragora louvareen 


1995-present. the band vaportrail are fragmentally shimmeringly beautiful. and as for sigurros, yes i know, but they drone and it works beautifully. enjoy
image for mix


Shoegazing Dave
Date: 6/5/2003
again, this pic was taken in downtown minneapolis
El Gato Boxeador
Date: 6/5/2003
is it still shoe-gazing when you're looking at the sky? Nice mix
Shoegazing Dave
Date: 6/5/2003
in such a beautiful city, you can't help but turn your gaze away from the shoes :)

thanks man!
Date: 6/5/2003
Perhaps the picture is a reflection from a puddle. Anyway, this looks super cool. I'm pretty much only familiar with the old school shoegazers (see my shoegazing mix) I'm assuming Vaportrail is named after the Ride song?
Date: 6/5/2003
Not familiar with some of this newer class of shoegazers. We really should make a trade.
Shoegazing Dave
Date: 6/6/2003
yes vaportrail is named after Ride, but their music is oh-so-beautiful.. def. worth checking out. they live in San Fran i believe.. The pic was looking up through the trees on kodak B&W. and deceptacon -- im really all settled in the twin cities now -- we can trade :) hell, let's all trade :) we should all just meet up, bring 15 cd burners and a fuckload of CDs :)
Martin Andersen
Date: 11/1/2003
This looks really cool. Right now I'm listening to Vaportrail's "Angel Has Landed"--great disk.
Shoegazing Dave
Date: 11/13/2003
i heartily agree
Mason Jar12
Date: 3/12/2004
hello Shoegazing Dave, this looks like a killer mix.. I'm a big old-school gazer fan, which I'm sure you've seen, but I don't know most of these newer bands..except for the Autumns and another one called Southpacific. I'd love to trade for this one. I'll be in touch.
Date: 6/25/2004
This looks really cool, but I wish you would have included some newer shoegaze bands. Although I guess there really aren't any anymore, at least good. Have you heard "the Rep"? They are new and out of Florida,probably the best shoegaze band out there now, IMO. check out, if you haven't, it's way cool.
bowlie boy
Date: 4/6/2006
any mix that involves loveliescrushing and emerald down instantly gets kudos.
Date: 7/19/2006
i know some of these, but not others. what would it take to convince you to let me have a copy of this.