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CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
CD | Theme - Depression

scream your poor little heart out and stuff

Artist Song
circle takes the square  a disclaimer to the self 
circle takes the square  comes with the fall 
circle takes the square  patchwork 
nikad  wake you 
the corta vita  from these silences soemthign may rise 
the corta vita  important steps for setting fires 
the corta vita  the vector as yet to be determined 
hung by hope  song 1 
hung by hope  song 2 
hung by hope  song 3 
seeing means more  again you wake under dawn's uncertain light 
seeing means more  insert here 
seeing means more  lost sunset 
slint  good morning captain 
the white octave  no resolution theory 
cap'n jazz  scary kids scaring kids 
burned out bright  disturbing 
portraits of past  implications of a sinkhole personality 
portraits of past  KQED equals volvo 
audience of one  ishmael 


the majority of these are underground screamo bands (save for slint, white octave, cap'n jazz). for like, when you want to yell and such.
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Russ Woods1
Date: 6/6/2003
Interesting. Maybe you did it for flow or some other reason, but you might consider not putting the same artist clumped together like that. Mix 'em up!