you probably think this song is about you: songs about famous people

Side A
Artist Song
carly simon  you're so vain 
bob dylan  the hurricane 
csny  suite judy blue eyes 
ani difranco  napoleon 
the velvet underground  new age 
david bowie  lady stardust 
yo la tengo  let's save tony orlando's house 
adult books 
the replacements  alex chilton 
the pixies  allison 
the clash  the right profile 
dexy's midnight runners  geno 
bikini kill  tony randall 
sleater-kinney  i wanna be yr joey ramone 
sonic youth  tunic (song for karen) 
nirvana  frances farmer will have her revenge on seattle 
wesley willis  kurt cobain 
nine inch nails  starfuckers, inc. 
Side B
james taylor, warren beatty, mick jagger or various other people carly simon has shagged   
rubin 'hurricane' carter  boxer 
joni mitchell  singer/songwriter 
suzanne vega  singer/songwriter 
robert mitchum  actor 
marc bolan  t. rex 
tony orlando  disco booty shaker 
jacqueline susann  author of valley of the dolls 
alex chilton  big star 
mose allison  pianist 
montgomery cliff  actor 
geno washington  geno washington and the ram jam band 
tony randall  actor 
joey ramone  the ramones 
karen carpenter  the carpenters 
frances farmer  actress 
kurt cobain  nirvana 
rose mcgowan  actress 


the first two columns are artist and song. the second two are who the song is about and who they are. got it? good.

this mix is one of those mixes that is really more about the theme than the music, which is ok but definitely hurts the mix in a lot of ways. the transitions kind of suck (nirvana to wesley willis to nine inch nails...oh dear! poor wesley, i had no place else to put him and i found it rather amusing that the song about kurt cobain is after the nirvana track) but i know i wanted to start with "you're so vain" and end with "starfuckers, inc" because trent reznor steals the you're so vain part from ms. simon and i thought it would be kind of nice to go full circle. most of the songs aren't really about the famous person but have the person's name in the title so i counted them anyway (i.e. "tony randall").

honorable mention: the pixies - alec eiffel (because when i was in seventh grade my history teacher asked who designed the eiffel tower, i said alec eiffel, referring to the pixies songs. needless to say, i was wrong, it was gustave eiffel. but still, wasn't i the coolest little seventh grader ever?)
the rolling stones - angie (angela bowie. the legend goes that angela bowie, david's wife at the time, found mick jagger and david bowie in bed together. mick and david quickly wrote the song in order to calm angela down so she wouldn't go to the press. of course, jagger and bowie both deny this and the song credit is given to keith richards.)
le tigre - hot topic (about way to many famous people to count!)

i also had veruca salt's "with david bowie" and rasputina's "howard hughes" but the mix went over 80 minutes and so i cut the weakest tracks.


popkulcher (Marc Fagel)
Date: 6/6/2003
Great concept, (mostly) great songs (ok, I could do without the title track, but I guess it makes sense to include it). Great call particularly on the Clash, YLT, Sonic Youth, Replacements and S-K tracks. I might also add YLT's "Tom Courtenay," Young Fresh Fellows' "Amy Grant" or "The New John Agar" (b-movie actor), Matthew Sweet's "Winona" (i.e. Ryder), etc.
La La
Date: 6/6/2003
This is crazy impressive!
Date: 6/6/2003
Wow, I didn't make the connection taht starfuckers was about Rose McGowan. Should have been as obvious as My Favorite Mistake by Sheryl Crow is about Eric Clapton, or how at least one or two Alanis Morrisettes songs are about Uncle Joey from Full House.
Date: 6/6/2003
"Suite: Judy Blue Eyes" isn't about Joni Mitchell, it's about Judy Collins...:-)
Date: 6/6/2003
hehe, that makes sense seeing as joni mitchel's name isn't judy. blame my mom for this mistake, seeing as she suggested it.
Date: 6/7/2003
Fucking Brilliant Mix!
Erin Sullivan
Date: 6/9/2003
What about Bobby Brown Goes Down, by Frank Zappa? :)
Jello Sane
Date: 8/5/2003
Just out of curiousity, where'd you find out Napoleon is about Suzanne Vega? I mean, I'm a big fan of both, and I find that very interesting.
Date: 8/5/2003
my friend katie...that may not be true but it is definitely about someone famous.