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interracial cowboys

Side A
Artist Song
bill hicks  quote:  
white zombie  thunderkiss '65 
strokes  someday 
pavement  cut your hair 
misfits  night of the living dead 
primus  wynona's big brown beaver 
charley patton  spoonful blues 
mission of burma  that's when i reach for my revolver 
dicks  dicks hate the police 
pussy galore  alright 
toadies  possum kingdom 
folk implosion  jenny's theme 
ramones  kkk took my baby away 
pixies  here comes your man 
johnny hit and run pauline 
budgie  disintegrating nudist parachutist woman 
plugz  el clavo y cruz 
electric frankenstein  electrify me 
Side B
jeff buckley  i want someone badly 
pavement  range life 
pere ubu  down by the river (demo version) 
and you will know us by the trail of dead  source tags and codes 
stooges  ann 
reverend horton heat  cowboy love 
dinosaur jr.   get me 
seven mary three  waters edge 
cramps  muleskinner blues (dolly parton cover) 
weirdos   life of crime 
aphex twin  
johnny thunders  you can't put your arms around a memory 
gits  second skin 
pere ubu   chinese radiation 
willie brown   future blues 
white stripes  your southern can is mine (blind willie mctell cover) 
sebadoh   on fire 
bill hicks   lift me lord 


i made this for an older lady who runs a very odd little backwoods art museum. she's very open minded and nice. she was familiar with some good music already, so i made her a compilation tape. as a thank you, she gave me one of those old packs of "black death" brand cigarettes as a novelty. oh yeah, her lover, who had built the little museum with her had a weird end: he found out he had cancer, built a funeral pyre, got on top, lit it, and cremated himself alive. bizarre. she keeps the old, yellowed newspaper article on the event in the front room of her little museum.


Date: 6/7/2003
Nice mix to go with a fantastic story. I think the museum lady's rockin' out some! Good job...
Mr. Jeremy Meece
Date: 6/12/2003
you had me until seven mary three, nooooooo.... it is nice to see the dicks. i live in austin
altitude gremlin123
Date: 7/20/2003
austin has some rockin' bands...
Date: 11/21/2003
How did I miss this one? fuckin great mix, man.