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Cassette | Pop
Cassette | Theme - Romantic

for floating occasions

Side A
Artist Song
sophie b. hawkins  as i lay me down  
goo goo dolls  iris 
lisa loeb  falling in love  
sarah mclachlan  possession  
jewel  near you always  
natalie imbruglia  left of the middle  
stina nordenstam  little star  
wild colonials  charm  
Side B
suzanne hoffs  eternal flame 
cardigans  been it 
sarah mclachlan  black and white  
paula cole  i don't want to wait  
the wannadies  you and me song  
dayna manning  i want  
indigo girls/jewel/s  water is wide 
live  turn my head  


this would be something i listen to after floating into my house after the greatest date of my life. while listening, i would lay on my bed, sigh romantically, and think of what our kids would look like. just kidding about the kids part. :)