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Artist Song
Love Is Colder Than Death  Structure 
The Church  Pharoah 
The Glove  Orgy 
Interpol  Obstacle 1 
New Order  Bizzare Love Triangle 
Mephisto Waltz  No Way Out 
This Ascension  Light Shade 
Lycia  Ionia 
Curve  Clipped 
Trance to the Sun  Fish and Knife 
The Bolshoi  A Funny Thing 
New Model Army  I Love The World 
the Swans  Mind/Body/Light/Sound 
Love & Rockets  Holiday On The Moon 
Sigur Ros  Myrkur 
Dead Can Dance  In Power We Entrust The Love Advocated 
Tones On Tail  Instrumental 


These are just some songs that represent how I feel right now...uneven yet, strangely, seeking balance (scalene). This mix contains only one reference to triangles, and even that was unintentional.

I had a real problem categorizing this mix. As it's usual with me the mix is kind of old school "Goth" and meant to help me deal with depression, but it deviates at times. Despite this all songs flow almost PERFECTLY into each other.

I was also thinking of turning this into the first in a series of "triangle" mixes... something like "isosceles" containing two matching songs from one artist.. etc.. I still don't know ...but it's an idea.
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Date: 6/11/2003
this looks really good! let me know if you'd be interested in trading.