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why love isn't happiness

Side A
Artist Song
elliott smith  alameda 
trembling blue stars  with every story 
billy bragg and wilco  at my window sad and lonely 
hum  suicide machine 
ani difranco  done wrong 
guided by voices  acorns and orioles 
modest mouse  doin' the cockroach 
pavement  stop breathing 
pj harvey  catherine 
letters to cleo  wasted 
Side B
pernice brothers  crestfallen 
radiohead  black star 
alice in chains  i stay away 
metallica  until it sleeps 
and you will know us by the trail of dead  another morning stoner 
elliott smith  miss misery 
liz phair  may queen 
wilco  say you miss me 
luscious jackson  why do i lie? 
coldplay  we never change 


depression snuck up in november...yet again...brought on by love. hence the title of the mix.