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Taco Flavored Kisses For My Honey

Artist Song
Rob Dougan  Furious Angels 
Clint Mansell  Aeternal (Paul Oakenfold Remix) 
Fischerspooner  Emerge 
Rame  Cybergod 
Eugene  Cha Cha 
Lamb  Zero 
Dave Gahan  I Need You 
Liam Lynch  Fake Depeche Mode Song Miserab 
PF Project  Choose Life 
Tricky  The Love Cats 
Yothu Yindi  Treaty (Peace Division Mix) 
Live  All over You 
The Flaming Lips  Thank You Jack White (For the Fiberoptic Jesus That You Gave Me) 
Duran Duran  Come Undone 
The Cure  Lullaby 
America  Muskrat Love 


Title is from the now infamous "Pancake Head and Fatbutt" South Park episode. I made this mix for my beautiful fiance` at her request. I randomly play my mp3s throughout the day, and she'll comment, "I want that on a mix"; this cd is the result of just that.


Date: 6/12/2003
Yothu Yindi deserve more recognition
Date: 6/12/2003
the best south park episode of all time, and some damn good songs, too.
Adam Bristor
Date: 6/12/2003
I hate to argue with Velouria, but the best South Park episode is Cartman's Chili con Carnival, featuring Radiohead. Easily. I refuse to hear this issue debated. In regards to the mix, I really like that Flaming Lips song.