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90.7 % hardcore... FUCK all these "punk mixes" and fuck you too

Side A
Artist Song
dwarves  skin poppin' slut 
" "  let's fuck 
" "  i hate girls 
" "  motherfucker 
" "  detention girl 
" "  insect whore 
" "  drugstore 
" "  fuckhead 
" "  fuck you up and get high 
body count  cop killer 
david allen coe  pick 'em, lick 'em, stick 'em 
gg allin  die when you die 
" "  bite it you scum 
adolescents  creatures 
" "  l.a. girl 
" "  who is who 
" "  democracy 
7 seconds  the crew 
" "  you lose 
" "  colourblind 
" "  die hard 
" "  bully 
" "  boss 
" "  trust 
limp wrist  does your daddy know 
" "  stabbed in the back 
" "  smear the fear 
" "  relatives got nerve 
" "  brotherhood 
" "  give me a fucking break 
Side B
" "  man to man 
" "  recruiting time 
butt trumpets  clusterfuck 
jeff buckley  lover, you should have come over 
" "  halleluja 
" "  last goodbye 
melvins  hag me 
" "  cranky messiah 
the shins  know your onion! 
anal cunt  311 sucks 
" "  grateful dead 


i dashed this off with no thought to order or segue or any of that shit i usually worry about. none of this is really groundbreaking, unknown shit and a couple of these songs aren't even that good- this mix was just stuff in my head i wanted all in one place, and it still rips the hell out of any "punk" comp that's been on here in some time. even the somewhat underground shit on here's still so corrupted... and goddammit these naive (can't blame them)little fucks are so brainwashed... here, read my cut and paste: Venice, Calif. 02/25/2003 -- American Honda Motor Co., Inc.,'s Civic Tour and MTV's "TRL" today announced they have teamed up to send rockers New Found Glory and Good Charlotte on the road. "We're stoked to be co-headlining the with our friends Good Charlotte -- it's cool that fans get the chance to see two bands for the price of one and get an opportunity to win the Civic Si's we've tricked out," said Jordan Pundik (vocals) of New Found Glory. ARRGGHH FUCK HATE KILL how punk rock. nobody gives a fuck anymore... go listen to some bill hicks and gg allin and quit watching the television. and listening to the radio. quit that, unless you're a fan of soft rock or something... in that case go ahead and listen. oh, and don't bitch about the stuff that isn't punk in here like jeff buckley. i don't care.
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Mr. Jeremy Meece
Date: 6/12/2003
some good stuff here. lots of the same bands and such, but I'm sure that was intentional. gg allin's greatest song was missing though. i would love to hear "i killed the boston girl" streaming through speakers to some unsuspecting listener. anyway, some real good stuff why is there jeff buckley here?
Mr. Jeremy Meece
Date: 6/12/2003
i would wonder the same of shins too for that matter
altitude gremlin123
Date: 6/12/2003
why is that stuff on here? because this mix originally wasn't intended to be put on AOTM. i put what i liked, with no thought to order, continuity, etc. i just liked them all, and i could do it. this was actually kind of a sampler that i was going to pick from to mix into seperate compilations for friends. and yeah, "i killed the boston girl" would've really gone good here... i think the david allen coe song is definately offensive enough to almost be punk rock, though.
Russ Woods1
Date: 6/12/2003
Why all this anger toward other's mixes? Why can't all mixes co-exist in harmony?
Joe Aberration
Date: 6/12/2003
I wholeheartedly agree with your comments man, it's nauseating to see what people try to pass off as "punk" to the unassuming rookies and new kids these days...As Limp Wrist said, "what's up with the kids?!?"....
altitude gremlin123
Date: 6/14/2003
what, boom-boom? why all this anger towards other people's mixes? because it's sad what MTV has foisted off onto these impressionable youth. i don't hate them or their mixes, i just think that it's a watered down, corporate version of something once great, and if these kid's only knew...! perhaps i'll even get someone to put down the rancid and punk-o-rama compilations long enough to check one of these bands out- i was fooled into that kinda "punk" when i was 16, but when i finally heard crass, it blew my mind. i'm just hoping that it'll do the same for them. not hate, but frustration.
Date: 7/12/2003
wow. you've got it ALL. rarely do i find someone who puts jeff buckley, gg allin, hasil adkins, and david allan coe in their mix. i gotta had it to you. and i agree with you on the issue of punk. could it get much worse. where's the nihilism that was punk. mtv will always suck and all but the people who are the biggest assholes are the so-called punk record labels(who took the money and ran) and the punk oriented websites who report on this shit. all of its shit. sure there is an underground and there are several punk bands who i could file under that genre but as far as bands that you hear about, there really aren't any. rancid is the only band in my book who have stayed true. take care buddy.