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Metal-Doom (1 of 2)

Artist Song
Candlemass  My Funeral Dreams  
Leif Edling  Nautilus  
Thorrs Hammer  Norge  
Candlemass  Of Stars and Smoke  
Solitude Aeturnus  Pain  
Krux  Popocat├ępetl  
Leif Edling  The Scar  
Solitude Aeturnus  Scent of Death  
Krux  Sea Of Doom  
Solitude Aeturnus  Sightless  
Serpentcult  Templar  
Concept of God  Traces  
The Gates of Slumber  Trapped In the Web  
Solitude Aeturnus  Waiting for the Light  
Candlemass  White God  
Metalium  Incubus  


Kick back and relax to the cruel sounds of Doom,,,