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Artist Song
Volbeat  A Warrior's Call  
Volbeat  Fallen  
Volbeat  Heaven Nor Hell  
Volbeat  The Mirror and the Ripper  
Volbeat  Who They Are  
Volbeat  Magic Zone  
Volbeat  7 Shots  
Volbeat  16 Dollars  
Volbeat  A Better Believer  
Volbeat  Being 1  
Volbeat  Thanks  
Volbeat  A New Day  
Volbeat  Evelyn  
Volbeat  Angelf**K  
Volbeat  Still Counting  
Volbeat  Intro (End of the Road)  
Volbeat  Radio Girl  
Volbeat  A Moment Forever  
Volbeat  I Only Wanna Be With You  
Volbeat  The Garden's Tale  
Volbeat  Boa  
Volbeat  Mr. & Mrs. Ness  
Volbeat  River Queen  
Volbeat  Find That Soul  
Volbeat  Back to Prom  
Volbeat  Mary Anns Place  
Volbeat  Wild Rover of Hell  
Volbeat  Making Believe  
Volbeat  Something Else Or..  
Volbeat  Everything's Still Fine  
Volbeat  Caroline Leaving  
Volbeat  Im So Lonely I Could Cry  
Volbeat  We  
Volbeat  Healing Subconsciously  
Volbeat  Rebel Monster  
Volbeat  Say Your Number  
Volbeat  Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood  
Volbeat  Sad Man's Tongue  
Volbeat  Soulweeper #2  
Volbeat  Hallelujah Goat  
Volbeat  The Human Instrument  
Volbeat  Still Counting  
Volbeat  Maybelenne I Hofteholder  
Volbeat  Broken Man and the Dawn  
Volbeat  Light a Way  
Nickelback  Gotta Be Somebody  
Nickelback  If Today Was Your Last Day  
Nickelback  This Afternoon  
Nickelback  Photograph  
Nickelback  Never Gonna Be Alone  
Nickelback  If Everyone Cared  
Nickelback  Something In Your Mouth  
Nickelback  Lullaby  
Nickelback  I'd Come for You  
Nickelback  Someday (Single Mix)  
Nickelback  Bottoms Up  
Nickelback  Someone That You're With  
Nickelback  Trying Not to Love You  
Nickelback  Feelin' Way Too Damn Good  
Nickelback  Midnight Queen  
Nickelback  When We Stand Together  
Nickelback  This Means War  
Seether  Tonight  
Seether  No Resolution  
Seether  Country Song  
Seether  Here and Now  
Seether  Fur Cue  
Seether  Master of Disaster  
Seether  Roses  
Seether  Desire for Need  
Seether  Pass Slowly  
Seether  Forsaken  
Seether  Fade Out  
Seether  Down  
Shinedown  Second Chance  
Shinedown  If You Only Knew  
Shinedown  Bully  
Shinedown  Unity  
Shinedown  Through the Ghost  
Shinedown  Sound of Madness  
Shinedown  I'll Follow You  
Shinedown  Miracle  
Shinedown  Adrenaline  
Shinedown  Amaryllis  
Shinedown  Enemies  
Shinedown  Nowhere Kids  
Shinedown  I'm Not Alright  
Shinedown  For My Sake  
Shinedown  My Name (Wearing Me Out)  
Sick Puppies  Maybe  
Sick Puppies  You're Going Down  
Sick Puppies  Rip Tide  
Sick Puppies  Should've Known Better  
Sick Puppies  War  
Sick Puppies  So What I Lied  


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