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"I cant be a soldier, i wont take no orders from no one"

Artist Song
SOAD  Chop Suey 
Built to Spill  Car 
incubus  The Warmth 
Nirvana  Pennyroyal Tea 
Linkin Park  Faint 
Red hot chilli peppers  Califoniacation  
The Strokes  Last Nite 
Stiff little fingers  Wasted Life 
Gang of Four  Not great men 
Iggy Pop and the Stooges  1969 
Queens of the Stone Age  Go with the flow 
Trapt  Headstrong 
Fugazi  Waiting room 
Taproot  Mine 
The Roots  The Seed 2.0 
Cold  Stupid Girl 
Johny Thunders  You cant wrap your arms around a memory 


Just a mix to kill some time.


abigail dice1
Date: 6/15/2003
wonderful mix you've got here--thanks a lot for picking my wilco cd as mix of the week...despite what others may think and all. I do appreciate it very much! take care.