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Modern Progressive/Alternative Metal

Artist Song
Animals As Leaders  Wave of Babies  
TesseracT  Eden 2.0  
Lithium Dawn  Status  
Porcupine Tree  Open Car  
Opeth  Bleak  
Lithium Dawn  Destroyer  
Isis  Not In Rivers, But In Drops  
Porcupine Tree  Cheating the Polygraph  
Karnivool  Goliath  
Deftones  Risk  
Periphery  Jetpacks Was Yes v2.0  
Vestascension  Until We See the Ocean  
Chimp Spanner  Cloud City  
Fellsilent  Drowned In My Enemy  
Monuments  Admit Defeat (2010 Demo)  
Meshuggah  Do Not Look Down  
vildhjarta  Dagger  
Uneven Structure  Awaken  
Veil of Maya  It's Not Safe to Swim Today  
The Contortionist  Flourish  


An amalgam of great songs from the best artists in the progressive and alternative metal genres.