19 Songs and a Cookie

Artist Song
Eliza Dushku (qupte)  "before we get started, I just want you to know, if you're a screamer, feel free." 
The Ataris  Song For A Mix Tape 
Oscar the Grouch (quote)  "oh, that'll teach me to say 'please.'" 
The Offspring  Sedated 
Movielife  Single White Female 
Emma Caufield (quote)  "nothing. and nothing. cliff's notes to nothing. nothing abridged. . ." 
New Found Glory  Hit or Miss 
Jets to Brazil  You're Having the Time of my Life 
Not By Choice  Standing All Alone 
Mest  Cadillac 
Bowling For Soup  Girl All the Bad Guys Want 
Eliza Dushku (quote)  "obviously something in your bottle needs uncorking." 
Kazzer  Pedal to the Metal 
Ash  Kung Fu 
Eliza Dushku (quote)  "dude, you just rescued a puppy." 
Good Charlotte  The Anthem 
Off by One  On My Way 
Nerf Herder  Vivian 
Eliza Dushku (quote)  "let's get it on." 
The Offspring  Want You Bad 
The Starting Line  I'm Real 
Emma Caufield  "yeah, we just had lots and lots of sex." 
Sublime  What I Got 
Sugarcult  Daddy's Little Defect 
Chixdiggit  Faith 


A mix tape I gave to Staci a little while ago, full of songs she likes, songs I think she'd like, and songs that remind me of her. It was supposed to be a thank-you for the birthday CD she promised to make me, but then her brother broke her CD burner. Still, I gave it to her anyway, and she fully loved it. The quotes are mainly from Eliza Dushku for no particular reason, except that I wanted the mix to have a bit of not-so-subtle innuendo to it, and. . .well, she does that a lot.


Date: 6/27/2003
sounds good to breakdance to! faith rules!