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Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck

Artist Song
Prong  Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck  
Pantera  Strength Beyond Strength  
White Zombie  Thunder Kiss '65  
Suicidal Tendencies  Send Me Your Money  
Metallica  Breadfan  
Anthrax  Indians  
Alice In Chains  We Die Young  
Machine Head  From This Day  
Megadeth  The Conjuring (Remastered)  
Pantera  Rise  
Slayer  Eyes of the Insane  
Soundgarden  Jesus Christ Pose  
White Zombie  Cosmic Monsters Inc.  
Rob Zombie  Demonoid Phenomenon  
Suicidal Tendencies  Nobody Hears  
Mudvayne  Determined  
Pantera  Becoming  
Alice In Chains  Dam That River  
Metallica  The Small Hours  
Mötley Crüe  Live Wire  
Megadeth  Rust In Peace...Polaris  
Soundgarden  Searching With My Good Eye Closed  
Clutch  Power Player  
Sepultura  Symptom of the Universe  
Pantera  No Good (Attack the Radical)  


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