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Epic Score I

Artist Song
John Powell  This Is Berk  
Nicholas Hooper  Flight of the Order of the Phoenix  
John Powell  The Cove  
Nicholas Hooper  Fireworks  
Alan Menken  Kingdom Dance  
John Powell  Forbidden Friendship  
Alan Menken  Waiting for the Lights  
John Powell  Romantic Flight  
Nicholas Hooper  Dumbledore's Army  
Future World Music  New Beginnings  
John Powell  Test Drive  
John Powell  Not So Fireproof  
John Powell  Ready the Ships  
London Music Works & Clint Mansell  Requiem for a Tower  
Harry Gregson-Williams  The Battle  
John Powell  Battling the Green Death  
John Powell  Where's Hiccup?  
Alan Menken  Farewell  
John Powell  Coming Back Around  


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