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Raised On Metal

Artist Song
Iron Maiden  Run to the Hills  
Invader  Infinite Quest  
Dio  Rainbow In the Dark  
Judas Priest  Beyond the Realms of Death  
Savatage  Hall of the Mountain King  
Accept  Restless and Wild  
Judas Priest  Victim of Changes  
Scorpions  He's a Woman, She's a Man  
Black Sabbath  Heaven and Hell  
Savatage  Power of the Night  
Iron Maiden  Wrathchild  
Invader  Glass Castles  
Accept  Winterdreams  
Judas Priest  Hell Bent for Leather  
Scorpions  Lovedrive  
Ozzy Osbourne  Over the Mountain  
Dio  Holy Diver  
Black Sabbath  The Mob Rules  
Savatage  Devastation  


Some of my favorite songs of all time.