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broken bones and bloody kisses

Side A
Artist Song
converge  my unsaid everything 
churner   monolith 
after the fall  world war II kisses 
funeral diner  end on 6 
plate six  summer of '03 
dear allegra   extermination 
silverstein  smashed to pieces 
cadillac blindside  true and cold 
thrice  see you in the shallows 
atreyu  ain't love grand 
cursive  after the movies 
kind of like spitting  blue period 
poison the well  sticks and stones 
Side B
boys night out  torrid love affair 
you and i  untitled 
anberlin  ready fuels 
a love lost but not forgotten  means to no end 
sunny day real estate  seven 
coheed and cambria  devil in jersey city 
the hope conspiracy  youth and its burden 
desaparecidos  what's new for fall 
the dismemberment plan  superpowers 
converge  jane doe 


whatever. i'm revising for exams and threw this together. if you like it say so. if you dont....say so anyway. might be funny
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Date: 6/18/2003
This mix is kickass, practically every song here is gold.