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My Dancing Playlist

Artist Song
Daft Punk & Boys Noize  End of Line (Remixed by Boys Noize)  
Boys Noize  Kontact Me  
Daft Punk  Touch It / Technologic  
Moby  Bodyrock  
Boys Noize  & Down  
Daft Punk  High Life  
Moby  Extreme Ways  
Boys Noize  Arcade Robot  
Skrillex  Bangarang (feat. Sirah)  
Daft Punk  One More Time  
Boys Noize  Super Fresh  
Fedde le Grand  Put Your Hands Up for Detroit  
Boys Noize  Lava Lava  
Daft Punk  TRON Legacy (End Titles)  
Boys Noize  Jeffer  
Moby  South Side  
Daft Punk  Superheroes  


These are definetly some good songs for dancing. Daft Punk and Boys Noize carry out some excellent samples so you can improv to them with ease. I wouldnt necessarily say that they have good music just for listening to, but they they have perfect music for dancing to. Personally, I do listen to the music, just because I love that genre so much. Id have to say, the best ones for ametuer dancers would be One More Tme, (a slow repetitive theme), Lava Lava, (a repetitive theme with heavy bass), High Life, (easy to follow repetitive theme), and Extreme Ways, (a slow easy to follow theme). For the more experienced dancers, theres Bodyrock, (good rhythm), Jeffer, (a complicated mix of many themes to move to), & Down, (rocking sound), and Kontact me (Depressed Buttons Remix), (a bouncing sound good for windmills and flares).