Don't you want to be Free?

Artist Song
Belle & Sebastian  Get me Away from Here, I'm Dying 
t.A.T.u.  How Soon is Now? 
Patti Smith Group  Ghost Dance 
Tricky (w. Ambersunshower)  Your Name 
OP8 (w. Lisa Germano)  Lost in Space 
Cat Power  Babydoll 
Frank Black & Teenage Fanclub  The Man who Was too Loud 
Dead Kennedys  California Uber Alles 
Stone Temple Pilots  Big Empty 
Tina Sparkle  Anyway Shape or Form 
Sonic Youth  Disconnection Notice 
Emmylou Harris  Every Grain of Sand 
The Flaming Lips  She don't use Jelly 
Asphyxia  Poisonberry 
Nick Drake  Pink Moon 
Joy Division  Love will Tear us Apart Again 
Amazing Transparent Man  Rocket Fuel 
Geisert8Band  My Favorite Pillow 
The Pixies  River Euphrates 
Thievery Corporation  The State of the Union 


Yep, it's probably not the best it could be. I just made it tonight because I decided I AM going to get a cd mailed to my buddy, not just let it sit around like all the other cds I've made her.