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Some Amazing Metalcore & Deathcore songs!

Artist Song
The Devil Wears Prada  Escape  
The Devil Wears Prada  Sassafras  
The Devil Wears Prada  Goats On A Boat  
The Devil Wears Prada  Mammoth  
The Devil Wears Prada  Dead Throne  
The Devil Wears Prada  Reptar, King of the Ozone  
The Devil Wears Prada  Hey John, What's Your Name Again?  
Make Me Famous  Blind Date 101  
Make Me Famous  Once You Killed a Cow, You Gotta Make a Burger  
Make Me Famous  Ifyuocnaraedtihsmkaemeasnadwich  
Make Me Famous  Earth  
Make Me Famous  This Song Is Blacker Than Black Metal  
Make Me Famous  Quit Sleeping! It's Nothing But a Waste of Time  
Chelsea Grin  Cheyne Stokes  
Chelsea Grin & Phil Bozeman  All Hail the Fallen King (feat. Phil Bozeman of Whitechapel)  
Chelsea Grin  My Damnation  
Chelsea Grin  The Human Condition  
Chelsea Grin  Recreant  
I See Stars  Endless Sky (feat. Danny Worsnop)  
I See Stars  Nzt48  
I See Stars  Filth Friends Unite  
Avenged Sevenfold  Nightmare  
Treyarch Sound, Brian Tuey, James McCawley & Kevin Sherwood  115  
Job for a Cowboy  Knee Deep  
Job for a Cowboy  Entombment of a Machine  
Whitechapel  This Is Exile  
Whitechapel  The Darkest Day of Man  
Whitechapel  Reprogrammed to Hate  
Whitechapel  Breeding Violence  
Whitechapel  End of Flesh  
Whitechapel  Section 8  
Whitechapel  Vicer Exciser  
Whitechapel  Devirgination Studies  
Attack Attack! (US)  Smokahontas  
Attack Attack! (US)  AC-130  
Attack Attack! (US)  The Revolution  
Attack Attack! (US)  The Betrayal  
Attack Attack! (US)  The Eradication  
Bring Me the Horizon  Pray for Plagues  
Bring Me the Horizon  (I Used to Make Out With) Medusa  
Bring Me the Horizon  Diamonds Aren't Forever  
Bring Me the Horizon  Rawwwrr!  
Bring Me the Horizon  Alligator Blood  


Most are gonna be metalcore and deathcore. Some new, some old but who cares!