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Artist Song
James Newton Howard  Touring the City  
Clint Mansell  The Last Man  
James Horner  A Return to the Caspian, and to the Iran of Old  
Jerry Goldsmith  Blossoms  
Arthur Lyman  Hilawe  
James Newton Howard & John Frizzell  Main Titles  
James Horner  The Bioluminescence of the Night  
Thomas Newman  Wow  
Hans Zimmer  Under the Stars  
Alan Menken  River's Edge  
Fiachra Trench, Hans Zimmer, Henning Lohner & Martin Tillman  The Well  
Cliff Martinez  First Sleep  
Yoko Kanno  Medley ??~??12???????~?????~???????  
James Horner  A Distant Discovery