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One Morning I Awoke

Artist Song
Flaming Lips  Fight Test 
Stereolab  Metronomic Underground 
Soul Coughing  True Dreams Of Witchita 
Blackalicious  Make You Feel 
A Tribe Called Quest  Bonita Applebum 
Thievery Corporation  Lebanese Blond 
Air  La Femme D'Argent 
Boards of Canda  Roygbiv 
Chemical Brothers  Dig Your Own Hole 
Beta Band  Dog's Got A Bone 
Flaming Lips  The Test Is Over...Now (Clip) 

Comment: find that I did not exist. The earth cried away it's sorrows while I began to look for myself in the gutters and drains of the innundated streets.

"The answers are not here," they all said.

"Not here, not there, not anywhere. Thousands of years of tears have washed the answers away. The only thing left to do is remove the questions."

A stroke of sunlight forced its way through the sorrowful sky. Start over? Yes...that is what I must do to find myself. I must let the tears wash away everything inside. Only then will the sun be able to shine.

And so it begins...
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Date: 6/18/2003
oi that baby scares me, but i really like the Boards of Canda song