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More Favorites- Part 32 (Underground Metal)

Artist Song
Diskord  Metamorphosis  
Malleficarum  In Nomine Satanas  
Iratetion  Cold Refuge  
Obzidian  Ghosts of Yesterday  
Halun  Intro (Fatae Horribilis)  
Kill For Satan  Rise of the Heretic  
Defamer  Mindless Worship  
Arkheth  The Conception And Creation  
Thrall  Mass Extinction  
Mortification  Weapons of Mass Salvation  
Secrets She Kept  La Fin Absolue du Monde  
Dies Irae  Night  
Orylyus  Stories Heard... Yet Not Recalled  
Agony Face  VIII (Impressionism: A Master Speaks to the Salt Merchants and the Hammer Artist Listen)  
Derelict  Shackles of Indoctrination  
Vomitous  Maggot Infestation Amongst Defiled Amputees  
Killrape  Darkness  
Netherbird  Abysmal Allure  
The Day Everything Became Nothing  Beat