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Kiss off ..Violent Femmes Essential Mix E

Artist Song
Violent Femmes  mirror mirror 
VF  kiss off 
VF  freak magnet 
VF  lies 
VF  rejoice and be happy 
VF  he likes me 
VF  children of the revoluation 
VF  sleep walkin' 
VF  do you really want to hurt me 
VF  a story 
VF  life is a scream 
VF  look like that 
VF  lack of knowledge 
VF  telephone book 
VF  promise 
VF  prove my love 
VF  please do not go 
VF  good friend 
VF  breakin' up 
VF  all i want 
VF  when everybodys happy 
VF  color me once 
VF  see my ships 
VF  nothing worth living for 


Just a batch of my favorite femmes songs to get me through my day...


Date: 6/18/2003
ah, 'please do not go' and 'kiss off' rock me in the face.. nice mix.