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the george costanza experience

Artist Song
sunny day real estate  disappear 
the jimi hendrix experience  manic depression 
the doors  people are strange 
the beatles  the fool on the hill 
queen  bohemian rhapsody 
linkin park  crawling 
the dismemberment plan  do the standing still 
no use for a name  why doesn't anybody like me? 
the beatles  nowhere man 
the beatles  with a little help from my friends 
blink-182  story of a lonely guy 
green day  longview 
sigue sigue sputnik  love missile f1-11 
the english beat  the tears of a clown 
rancid  salvation 
pink floyd  wish you were here 


i heart george.


Date: 1/11/2004
i stumbled upon this as i heard george say, "the four worst words in the english language: we have to talk."